2020-02-15 06:24pm EST

Starting fresh

It’s time to start over. Welcome to the new site.

From a content perspective, I’m hoping there will actually be some. I expect it to be massively related to 3d printing, with maybe some tech. I’ve got a queue of 3d printing shit I need to write. I’ve brought some tech articles over from the old site that folks have expressed interest in. If I didn’t bring over something you’re looking for, it’ll be in the internet archive. I’ve made sure to archive my site over the years, against this moment.

As for the site itself, if you’re reading this on the site and not the rss feed, you’re probably saying “this is some 2005-era shit you’ve got going on here” and there’s a reason for that. First, fuck you. If I want my site in html1, it will be. But second, fuck the state of current static site generators. They’re all insane and over-featured and, most importantly, prone to breakage. The old site was based on hugo and they recently changed their markdown engine. When I sat down to write something the other day, my main pages were broken as were several older longer entries. I write infrequently enough that I can’t have an app update fuck me over when I sit down to write. I just end up fixing the site and never writing anything.

A decision was made. I wanted some abandoned shit. Something old, portable, with no active development, but that I could still hack on to maintain my site. I remembered nanoblogger. It’s been abandoned since 2011; there are no active forks; it’s written in bash. Fucking perfect. I grabbed the 3.5-RC1 tarball, added a kramdown markdown converter (gfm is required), and we’re done. To get the GPL2 off my ass, my fork is public and the README will let you now how not supported it is.

As was noted in the final post on the old site, the content here is CC-BY unless otherwise noted. Should be everything since I didn’t bring over the ancient articles I wrote for defunct companies.

Now, it’s time to sketch out some posts.

See you soon, hopefully.

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