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The Nibble is one of my favorite keyboards by one of my favorite keyboard people. While I am sad that the PCB isn’t open source, the Nibble was designed with newbies in mind and Jay is one of the most helpful (and patient) people I know in the keyboard community. It is obviously good business to be friendly to one’s customers, Jay goes above and beyond in the nullbits discord. Even if one doesn’t buy a keyboard from Jay, the nullbits discord is a nice place to hang out.

Perhaps surprisingly, I have no real problems with the Nibble. One has to buy into the “exposed electronics” aesthetics of course. The board is extremely flexible and is designed for Mill-Max sockets. The through-hole diodes, while not my favorite these days, look really nice (to my eyes). The Nibble has a bit more soldering than similar boards in that one must also solder some integrated circuits and capacitors. If one wants to use the big LED, there are some resistors to solder too. While the board will technically work with any Pro Micro compatible controller, it really does look best with the Bit-C microcontroller that Jay sells. It is also, as far as I know, the only white Pro Micro MCU on the market and, as one can see in the last photo, looks really slick in an all-white build.

(Yes, it does have underglow RGB LED support if that’s your thing. And yes, that’s a bongocat on the OLED in my shots. Hit up the discord for a QMK firmware build with VIA support and the bongocat.)

The case I use, visible in the shots below, is available on PrusaPrinters by ExtraFox.


If you want a 65% keyboard and are down with the exposed electronics aesthetics, build a Nibble. If you need help, hit up the discord. If Amazon’s out of stock, Jay is always restocking so be a bit patient and you’ll get your kit.


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