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Quefrency v4


My Thoughts

To be honest, this barely counts as a build. This kit comes entirely pre-soldered. You have to install the stabilizers, the switches, and caps. The board itself comes with QMK/VIA pre-installed. The switches are hotswap via pre-soldered Kailh sockets. All-in-all, installation time is a half hour or less and is mostly just pushing stuff into holes.

As always, Keebio delivers a solid product with the Quefrency. Each half has extra macro keys which can be snapped off at build time. It’s a little stressful to break off part of the keyboard PCB but it works. I chose, as shown in the photos, to break off the macros on the left hand side to reduce the travel time to my trackball. The halves are connected with a usb-c cable which is a really nice decision. It’s safe to unplug the halves while connected to the keyboard without worrying about shorting the board.

There’s really not all that much more to say. If you’re using a 65% keyboard and want to split, this is a very solid choice.


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