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TLM Fan Shroud

This is a fan shroud for stock effector in a Tevo Little Monster. It’s designed to redirect the air from the hotend fan directly to the heat sink. Out of the box, the fan has no guidance and sits relatively far away from the heat sink.

I really liked the idea of the original model but found it difficult to print and difficult to mount. This remix simplifies the model and makes it a easy slide-in installation.

I’ve tested it with both the stock heat sink and an E3D heat sink.

Made with Tinkercad:

The yellow print in the photos was the prototype and done in Atomic Filament’s UV Reactive Yellow PLA. I strongly recommend printing the final version in something with higher temperature tolerances.

Regarding infill, keep in mind that every gram of plastic in the shroud is another gram for the hotend to haul around. I recommend printing with as little infill as you can get away with. The shroud is directing air and isn’t taking any structural load.

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