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I Use This: Leg disability edition

For context, I’m generally hypermobile and meet the hEDS criteria (no formal diagnosis yet because HMO but maybe this year). My legs are the worst and these days I need support to walk around, particularly if I’m leaving the house. So, here’s what’s keeping me moving. (CW: some amazon links here, but no affiliate or tracking codes)

  • posture cane - there are other vendors but this is the only one I know of on amazon that has fun colors. this came out of shark tank (I think?) as a “seen on tv” kind of deal and is just now making it elsewhere. this will not work for everyone but is great for me with balance and support and standing up. I use the included self-standing tip at home and it is brilliant.

  • ergocap high performance cane tip - this adds better cushioning and rotation. it’s slip resistant and shock absorbing. the ultralite is the same but lighter and smaller and also very good. I use this when out and about.

  • LED clip light for canes - 100 lumen is brighter than you think. I keep mine clipped all the way at the bottom, with a little tape to make sure it doesn’t move around much.

  • self-fusing grip tape for the cane handle - which tape to use is a matter of personal preference, particularly if you are sensitive to texture. but the tape helps me keep ahold of the cane and its self-fusing nature means there’s no adhesive crap all over the handle if I need to remove or swap out the tape

  • reflective stickers that I bought some place random. I don’t walk much outside these days but I find the stickers help folks notice the cane

  • neenca knee support - this is a compression sleeve with patella support and flexible side braces. the side braces help me keep from hyperextending my knee and remind me of the “right” way to stand on my knee. also, it’s good for reminding me to take it slower

  • hands-free shoes - these have been amazing for me. built-in orthotic support, extra arch support doodads, hands-free, the extra cushioning helps keep me from rolling my ankles.

I think that’s the list for right now. It’s not going to work for everyone and I’ve built it over time. My worst days are getting worse as they tend to so I’m sure I’ll add to the list eventually.